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USJ Seminars

Book Publishing with Springer24 Jan 2024
International Seminar on Prevention of Drug and Alcohol30 Oct 2023
Language and Linguistics Seminar | Contemporary Sinograms Rooted in Chinese Tradition25 Oct 2023

ISE Science Seminar | Air Quality and Climate Change – Policies and Measures for a Double Win5 Jul 2023
A Series of Academic Events on Christianity, Modern Culture and Society6 – 30 Jun 2023
Patient Information Leaflets – Language, Sociocultural context and the consumer8 Jun 2023
Unravelling the Language Paradigm: When Language meets Culture and Religion (A case study in social pragmatics)12 May 2023
Environmental and Ecological Characterization of Seagrass Halophila beccarii in Zhuhai, China5 May 2023
Seminário Híbrido – “Português como Língua Pluricêntrica: conceitos e implicações em sala de aula”28-30 Apr 2023
Statistics and Census Service and the Monetary Authority of Macao28 Apr 2023
Review of Passive Acoustics Monitoring Results in the Coastal Waters of Western Taiwan26 Apr 2023
Research in Psychology 202321 Apr 2023
‘What are we counting when we count the “sound units” of a language?’24 Mar 2023
How do accessory proteins affect the conformation of Sec61 translocon?8 Mar 2023
‘Grammar, Gender, and Sex: an unruly threesome.’23 Feb 2023
Plate tectonics, big earthquakes, and tsunamis (examples of Portugal and South China)23 Feb 2023
Environmental research: from Hong Kong to polar regions, from harmful algal blooms to beneficial microalgae industry8 Feb 2023
Plastics in the South China Sea: a shared problem and responsibility18 Jan 2023
Plastic Pollution SeriesNov-Dec 2022
Ghosts, Urbanization and Strangers in China and Hong Kong & Chinese Village Life Today. Building Families in an Age of Transition7 Nov 2022
Arbitration in Portugal13 Oct 2022
What’s next for our ‘furniture’? Re-visiting the role of the Portuguese community in the Macau SAR in the last decade & Fragilities of Macanese Identity: Reflection on the theme 30 Sep 2022

Preventing Suicide: Empowering Frontline25 Jul 2022
“Research as an Iterative Process” & “Why Choose to Teach: Pre-service Teachers and Career Switchers in Macau”6 Jul 2022
Statistics and Census Service (DSEC)28 Apr 2022
SDG 3 Promoting Health and Well-being: Research in Psychology Seminar22 Apr 2022
Public Service Recruitment and Legal Translation in Macao20 Apr 2022
China’s Digital Yuan: Analysis and Opportunities for the Greater Bay Area26 Nov 2021
Stakeholder Intersections of E-learning Expectations9 Nov 2021