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Graduate Attributes

What are Graduate Attributes?

‘Graduate attributes are the qualities, skills and understandings a university community agrees its students should develop during their time with the institution.’

‘Graduate attributes are the academic abilities, personal qualities and transferable skills which all students will have the opportunity to develop as part of their university experience.’

‘Graduate attributes are the skills, personal qualities and understanding to be developed through your university experience that will prepare for life and work in the 21st century.’

‘Graduate attributes are skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that are distinguished from the disciplinary expertise associated more traditionally with higher education, but which make a contribution to the profession.’

What are Graduate Attributes for?

Graduate attributes describe and prescribe what it means to be a graduate of USJ, your skills, abilities, values, attitudes and approaches, and how you learn. They develop your attitudes to knowledge, yourself, people and the world around you, and what kind of person you are. Graduate attributes develop through all your experiences at USJ and your reflection on them. They are unique to every student.

The Graduate Attributes at USJ