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Institutional Quality Audit

The Institutional Quality Audit, mandatory and periodic, is applicable to all higher educational institutions of the Macao.

Here below are the links to the two related guideline documents published by Macao SAR’s Education and Youth Development Bureau (formerly Higher Education Bureau): 

Guidelines on Institutional Quality Audit

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/IQAG-en.pdf (English, version April 2020)

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/IQAG_pt.pdf (Portuguese, version April 2020)

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/IQAG.pdf (Chinese, version April 2020)

Guidelines for External Quality Assurance Agencies

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/EQAAG-en.pdf (English, version April 2020)

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/EQAAG_pt.pdf (Portuguese, version April 2020)

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/EQAAG.pdf (Chinese, version April 2020)