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Purposes of QAE

  • For the university and each academic, administrative, support and service unit, ensuring:
    1. Conformance to specifications
    2. Effectiveness
    3. Efficacy
    4. Efficiency
    5. Excellence
    6. Fitness for purpose
    7. Fitness of purpose
    8. Impact
    9. Meeting intended outcomes
    10. Meeting internal and external stakeholders’/consumers’/clients’ needs
    11. Meeting objectives
    12. Reliability and consistency
    13. Transformation
    14. Value-added
  • Accountability;
  • Accreditation;
  • Catalyze university development;
  • Comparing universities;
  • Control of Faculties/curricula/assessment/offices/units.
  • Ensuring consistently high standards;
  • External recognition;
  • Foster collegiality and networking within the university;
  • Improvement and continuous development;
  • Monitoring, review and of the university;
  • Nurture best practice to promote all-round development;
  • Promote excellence, creativity and diversity;
  • Provision of information on how well university, academic units, administration units, offices, service and support units, and program policies, plans and procedures are working: effectiveness; efficiency; efficacy; impact;
  • Provision of information to all stakeholders;
  • Public awareness and consumer choice (e.g. for student recruitment);
  • Value for money/return on investment.