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Programme Review

In Macao, all higher education programmes that are in operation have to go through a periodic and continuous evaluation as part of guaranteeing the quality and continuous improvement of the programme, in accordance with the established quality conditions and the applicable legal and regulatory provisions.

Here below are the links to the two related guideline documents published by Macao SAR’s Education and Youth Development Bureau (formerly Higher Education Bureau): 

Guidelines on Programme Review

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/PRG-en.pdf (English, version April 2020)

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/PRG_pt.pdf (Portuguese, version April)

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/PRG.pdf (Chinese, version April 2020)

Guidelines for External Quality Assurance Agencies

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/EQAAG-en.pdf (English, version April 2020)

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/EQAAG_pt.pdf (Portuguese, version April 2020)

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/EQAAG.pdf (Chinese, version April 2020)

Notes on Implementation of Virtual Site Visits

The Higher Education Bureau recently published some notes on Implementation of Virtual Site visits.

Click here for the English version of the notes.

Click here for the Portuguese version of the notes.

Click here for the Chinese version of the notes.

Institutional Accreditation

Programme Accreditation

Institutional Quality Audit

External Quality Assurance Agency

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