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The University of Saint Joseph has frameworks for QAE at University, Faculty and Programme levels. These set out the key areas in which QAE operates, and the requirements of QAE are central in the academic, administration, service and support units of the University. The frameworks are designed to ensure that staff and students have the highest quality experiences in their University lives and beyond.

At the University level, the USJ’s framework for QAE refers to policies, strategies, procedures, requirements, documentation, pro-formas, data collection and reporting, review, and continuous development across the spectrum of the work of the University. The University Framework guides and informs the QAE frameworks for faculties and programmes, ensuring a constructive alignment between all of these whilst fulfilling the mission and vision of the University.

A key feature of the frameworks is the emphasis placed on continuous improvement and development, to ensure that the QAE work in the University has direction and brings educational benefit, serving the several conceptions of “quality” set out in the “Foundations of QAE” QA webpage.