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Institutional Accreditation

Institutional Accreditation (IA) is a means of evaluating the education quality of a Higher Education Institute to determine whether the operation of its institutional management and its programmes meet the established standards for educational quality. In Macao, IA is a voluntary QA process.

Here below are the links to the two related guideline documents published by Macao SAR’s Education and Youth Development Bureau (formerly Higher Education Bureau): 

Guidelines on Institutional Accreditation

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/IACG-en.pdf?2020 (English, version April 2020)

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/IACG_pt.pdf?2020 (Portuguese, version April 2020)

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/IACG.pdf?2020 (Chinese, version April 2020)

Guidelines for External Quality Assurance Agencies

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/EQAAG-en.pdf (English, version April 2020)

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/EQAAG_pt.pdf (Portuguese, version April 2020)

https://www.dses.gov.mo/qualityassurance/2020/EQAAG.pdf (Chinese, version April 2020)