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Introduction to the QAE Repository

The Quality Assurance and Enhancement (QAE) Repository houses the University’s updated official documents, including but not limited to policies, frameworks, procedures, guidelines, templates, terms of reference, instructions, pro‑formas, regulations, reports, which after being registered, are uploaded to the QAE website for access to the USJ Community, including staff, and/or students, and/or the public.

Whilst some documents are open to the public, others are for USJ students/staff only; there are different levels of access. It is therefore advisable for USJ staff/students to first log into the system by using the same username and password as your USJ ID.

The QAE Repository does NOT keep research outputs; these are managed directly by the University Library.

Whilst the process of building the remaining sections is ongoing, the management of the overall Repository is an ongoing process, under constant monitoring and review, and modified where necessary, for continuous enhancement.

The Repository is organized into key areas for ease of reference, document searching, location and retrieval.  The structure of the Repository is explained here.