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SDG 2 Zero Hunger

Selected Research

Negreiros, J., & Phillips, J. O. L. (2018). Evaluation of Deterministic Spatial Interpolators with myGeoffice©: The Utah Grasshoppers Case. International Journal of Geology, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences6(6), 1–8.

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture

Dining services

Lack of access to food is a leading cause of death worldwide (UN, 2021). Although Macao is a relatively wealthy city, USJ is aware of the diverse needs of students from various socio-economic backgrounds and with different eating habits. USJ is making efforts to improve our canteen services—which cater to members of USJ and also the students and staff of a local secondary school—by increasing healthy, affordable, and sustainable food choices, and including vegetarian and vegan options.

Food waste reduction

Food waste is a global issue. Some estimate that 25-30% of total food produced is lost or wasted (IPCC, 2019).