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USJ Public Lectures

The East India Company and the Politics of Knowledge27 Feb 2024
OTTOSONICS | Creative Soundscape Workshop Series19 – 23 Feb 2024
From Research to Revolution: Media, Artivism, and the Power to Transform19 Feb 2024
From “Overcoming Self” To “Overcoming Nature” – The Teaching on Human Nature in Diego de Pantoja and Giulio Aleni5 Feb 2024
Experiences from the Campus Grounds: Developing Sustainable Schools25 Jan 2024
An Introduction to Water Footprints: Changing Paradigms on Water Management Using Food Consumption Patterns18 Jan 2024
From Matteo Ricci to the Chinese Rites Controversy: A Historical and Theological Analysis3 Jan 2024
Canon Law Public Lecture II | On the Reform of the Roman Curia (Apostolic Constitution Predicate Evangelium)21 Dec 2023
Canon Law Public Lecture I | A Dissolução do Matrimónio em Favor da Fé (The Dissolution of the Marriage Bond in Favour of the Faith)20 Dec 2023
Public Lecture | The Position and Role of the Belt and Road Initiative in China’s Economic and Social Development Policies29 Nov 2023
Public Lecture | Liberal Arts and the Legacy of China’s Christian Universities27 Nov 2023
Public Lecture | The Teacher in Chinese Culture: Reflections on a Lifetime of Personal Encounters25 Nov 2023
Theology Public Lecture & Evening Prayer | Making Hope Real24 Nov 2023
International Symposium on Open Innovation – Macau Edition10 Nov 2023
Public Lecture | Macao’s images of change and contrasts: An ethnographic visual approach9 Nov 2023
History & Heritage Public Lecture | Macau’s First Modern University – Exploring the Early History of the University of East Asia30 Oct 2023
History & Heritage Public Lecture Series | Documenting Intangible Cultural Heritage via VR Tour: Hungry Ghosts (Yulan) Festival Celebrations in Hong Kong24 Oct 023
Public Lecture | Gamification in Teaching and Learning19 Oct 2023
MRI Public Forum | Religion and Science as Partners: The life and research of Fr. Johann Nepomuk Hinteröcker SJ17 Oct 2023
Public Lecture | For My Eyes Have Seen Salvation: on the Credibility of Christianity10 Oct 2023
Public Lecture | Macao’s East-West Tourism Economy: Culture, Gastronomy, and Identity Imaginaries10 Oct 2023
Public Lecture | Transdisciplinary Dialogues in the Field of Conservation and Restoration28 Sep 2023
Palestra | Dia Internacional da Tradução | International Translation Day26 Sep 2023
MRI Public Forum | A Friend and a Diplomat. Francesco Sambiasi in China (1610-1649)15 Sep 2023

Palestra Aberta | A Diplomacia do Livro e a Memória26 Jul 2023
Open Public Presentation | Master of History and Heritage Studies for the academic year 2023/202425 Jul 2023
Matteo Ricci’s Teaching on the Goodness of Human Nature: Its Thomistic and Neo-Confucian Sources28 Jun 2023
USJ Hosts Public Lecture on Catholic Identity in Modern European Culture26 Jun 2023
Modern culture and the Catholic Church – European perspective26 Jun 2023
Public Lecture | Modern culture and the Catholic Church – European perspective26 Jun 2023
MRI Public Forum | Responsible Management Education in the Post-Pandemic Era25 Jun 2023
The Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI (1927-2022): “Josef Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) on Culture & Music”15 Jun 2023
Attachment Based Interventions for Families and Couples23 May 2022
The Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI (1927-2022): “A Glimpse of Joseph Ratzinger’s Theology of Creation, Sin, and Redemption: Reviewing His Canonical Interpretation of Genesis 1–3”18 May 2023
Science and Patience: Practices and challenges in the conservation of cultural artifacts11 May 2023
Start getting closer with the visually impaired students8 May 2023
Gambling Urbanism, Tourism and Early Modernization in Macau (1900-1930)4 May 2023
How effective communication is vital for students28 Apr 2023
Heritage Conservation and Sustainable Urban Development26 Apr 2023
Nudging students into heutagogy through the creative use of entangled pedagogy24 Apr 2023
Directing Notes: A Methodology of Breaking Down a Film20 Apr 2023
Macau and East Asia Military Architecture: Context, Networks and Influence20 Apr 2023
The Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI (1927-2022): “A Theological Reading of Pope Benedict XVI’s Letter to Catholic in China”23 Mar 2023
Rebuilding and Remembering8 Mar 2023
Beach plastics and art16 Feb 2023
The Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI (1927-2022): “Benedict XVI: Relevance and Need of Hope Today”16 Feb 2023
“Journalists and Scientists – A kind of Love Story?”13 Feb 2023
The mission of education – Perform, achieve and success13 Dec 2022
Baccarat, Biopolitics and Casino Capitalism in Macau28 Oct 2022
Department of Architecture and Design Lecture Series Fall 2022 | Alternative Processes “Thinking Laterally with Materials: The Conversational Approach to Design”26 Oct 2022
Translation: Challenges and Perspectives – Desafios e Perspetivas da Tradução30 Sep 2022

An Integrative Framework for Working with Couples: Congruence Couple Therapy21 May 2022
Inclusive Education at Macau Anglican College29 Apr 2022
Machine Translation: What Role Does Linguistics Play?19 Apr 2022
Teacher Professional Ethics15 Mar 2022
Using insect community to monitor ecosystem health and sustainability20 Jan 2022
The role of Nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation28 Oct 2021