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Formal Staff Development Sessions for QAE (2019/2020)

During 2019/2020, formal staff development sessions for QAE were provided during the period October 2019 to January 2020; a total of 19 sessions, of which 11 were repeated in order to accommodate the availability of staff, were designed to provide staff with concrete, practical advice on how to address the element(s) of QAE in question, with a focus on faculty’s preparation for programme review. Topics covered were:

  1. Update and new developments in QA at the University
  2. Elections at the University
  3. Programme review (1): Macao SAR government’s requirements for Programme Review
  4. Programme review (2): Evidence in the Self-Evaluation Document
  5. Programme review (3): Criteria in the Self-Evaluation Document
  6. Programme review (4): ADRI Model
  7. Programme review (5): Self-Evaluation Document Template   
  8. New Software Platform at the University