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University Framework

The University Framework for QAE comprises 7 main sections which address:

  • Governance, Management and Administration
    • Governance, financial management, committees and boards
    • Strategic planning and action planning
    • Regulations and rules
    • General, academic management and administration
    • Procedures and policies framework for staff and students
  • Students
    • Student recruitment, application and admission
    • International students
    • Student status
    • Student progression, support and guidance
    • Monitoring, reviewing, reporting and acting on student progress
    • Student representation and feedback
    • Student engagement, involvement and development
    • Student appeals
    • Student discipline
  • Staff
    • Staff recruitment, regulations and development
    • Faculty development, monitoring and review
    • Staff discipline and appeals
  • Academic Programmes
    • Programme design, development, approval, monitoring and review
    • Academic standards and externality
    • Teaching and learning
    • Assessment and examinations
    • External examining
    • Research
    • Lifelong learning
    • Collaborative provision
  • Quality Assurance and Enhancement
    • Quality assurance, enhancement and management
  • Premises, Facilities Learning Resources
    • Campus premises, facilities and learning resources
  • Fees and Charges

Faculty Framework

Programme Framework

Module Review

USJ Strategic Objectives

Graduate Attributes

Key Performance Indicators

University Roadmap